The Privacy Tool

The Privacy Tool is designed to give you peace of mind,
when your private life is invaded by unwelcome eyes.


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The Privacy Tool provides ultimate encryption solution for those who are extra vigilant about their privacy. This tool not only makes your words impossible to break into, but also hides away the very fact the text has been concealed at all.


The program will work for 10 days/20 starts and then if you would like to continue using it you are asked to pay $US49.95 for one licence.


Program Strengths

·         Use of top encryption ciphers

·         First encrypted then hidden

·         Encrypted points key dependent

·         Encryption non breakable

·         Encryption not detectable

·         Simple and Intuitive to use



The Privacy Tool is an elegant encryption utility that allows for storage and transmission of information in an undetectable manner. The program conceals text inside bitmap images, which may be kept for personal use or passed to another party if information exchange is the purpose of the encryption.


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